2310, 2015

Four Ways to Meet Customer Demands for Security

Security is one of the things at the top of every customer’s mind when they begin working with a business. Most of us don’t worry nearly as much about, say, our house being robbed as we do the security of our credit card and other personal details being stolen.

Even though they are focused on security, […]

1410, 2015

The Day of Reckoning: EMV Regulations Start Tomorrow

Who is going to pay for the next fraudulent transaction to your business?

After the compliance date, fraudulent transactions from swiped cards will fall squarely on the shoulders of those who haven’t implemented the correct EMV technology. If you aren’t EMV compliant yet, that person is going to be you.

Since credit card fraud is a concern […]

1210, 2015

The EMV Deadline: Not Much Time Left But Many Have Yet to Start

The EMV compliance mandate demands that your company changes the way it does business and how it accepts credit cards. The deadline for making the EMV switch is approaching fast, but a lot of companies haven’t really started making the proper changes yet. The more you know, the easier it will be for your company […]

110, 2015

How Will Texas’ New Laws Affect Your Online Business?

As you may have heard, a new Texas law is about to be rolled out (Senate Bill 97) that will mandate all businesses (online & retail), selling Electronic Cigarettes & Vape products, to have extra precautionary requirements if they plan on continuing sales to Texas residents. Beginning on October 1st, 2015, Online Retailers selling products such as […]

2605, 2015

Firearm Merchant Accounts

In general, high risk merchant accounts can be a bit of a pain to get a hold of, and with good reason. After all, if there is a high chance of profit loss, no one wants to participate without certain guarantees. The high risk investment we are talking about today, of course, is that of […]

1405, 2015

California E-Cig Merchant Accounts

If you live in California and have started an e-cigarette or e-liquid business and you are ready to start selling your merchandise to the public – it’s not going to happen without local California e-cig merchant accounts. There is nobody more experienced with California e-cigarette payment processing rules and regulations than our company. With over […]

3103, 2015

QuickBooks® Integration

QuickBooks® Plugin
Financial Software Payments Module
BR Merchant Service offers real-time credit card and check transaction processing from within QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier and QuickBooks® Enterprise, allowing merchants to process transactions and apply payment to open invoices in one easy step.

The entire process is simple and convenient to use. BR Merchant Service offers reliable and secure credit […]

2302, 2015

PCI Compliance the Easy Way

Credit card fraud and misuse reaches into the billions of dollars annually. While the costs per incident may vary by merchant size, they include:
– Loss of income from fraudulent transaction
– Cost to reissue cards
– Costs of investigation and possible litigation
– Possible fines imposed by credit card companies
– Loss of reputation, customer confidence and business
– Possible […]

1501, 2015

Take Action to Protect your Business & your Customers

Its smart business to invest the time and resources necessary to protect payment card data and other sensitive customer information. At stake is nothing less than good name and trust your customers place in your business. Several studies have indicated that the costs associated with mitigating a data breach far exceed the cost of sound […]

2112, 2014

Helpful Terms and Definitions

Acquirer. A bankcard association member that initiates and maintains relationships with Merchants that accept Visa or MasterCard cards.

Cardholder. The customer to whom a card has been issued or the individual authorized to use the card.

Cardholder Data. All personally identifiable data about the cardholder and relationship to the Merchant (i.e., account number, expiration date, data provided […]