Virtual Check Processing

When using Virtual Check, debits may be a one-time charge or set up an approved ACH debit as automatic billing. The check’s information is entered electronically using the virtual terminal, removing the need of traveling to the bank to deposit checks.

  • Funds are deposited rapidly
  • Easy 24-hour online reporting access
  • Automated recurring billing at no additional cost
  • Simple implementation with no installation or upgrades required
  • Lower cost processing compared to credit cards
Virtual Check Processing
Point-of-Sale Check Conversion
Accept checks just like you would a credit card.

Business owners can process and deposit consumer and business checks at the point of sale by utilizing a check reader or imager attached to a credit card terminal.

  • Increase store sales with added payment options
  • No More NSF or bank fee, rest assure with instant peace of mind
  • Fast available funding
The Check Guarantee

Accept checks with confidence. The check guarantee option allows for secure transactions by following simple guidelines, Business owners minimize the chances of depositing bad checks. The funds will be deposited electronically and disbursement is guaranteed for approved checks.

Check 21
Electronically Deposit Your Checks.

Check 21, or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), uses the process of capturing an image of a check so it can be transmitted electronically instead of a physical paper check. By utilizing a web-based interface and an imager unit attached to your computer, you can now safely accept all types of paper checks with quicker processing and ditch the bank entirely.

  • Accepting all check types is easy! You may accept U.S. Bank Checks including – personal, business, government, travelers, cashiers, and certified checks, as well as equity lines of credit and money orders.
  • Quick electronic deposits of funds are made available directly to your bank account within 2-3 business days.
  • No more ACH limitations
  • Stop worrying about accepting bad checks