To ensure that your transactions are legitimate, the system scores 300 risk indicators within seconds
Always feel safe and secure with the right information to assist you with making the best transaction decisions.
Compatible with Magento / Shopify / Bigcommerce and more to come! Not using an e-commerce platform? No worries!
Use our simple APIs to start sending us your transactions and protect your business in minutes. When utilizing the chargeback protection tools, multiple data sources are analyzed in order to help you make the best business decisions.
Device Detection

Identifying a unique device is easy. Whether it’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you will know immediately.

IP Geo-Location Identification

Determine the origin of an order that is being placed based on the IP address of the consumer’s browser.

Banking Data

Identify the institution and location of the issuing card based on the BIN. This also includes pre-paid and gift cards.

Social Analysis

See if it’s a trusted user by retrieving data from most of the major social media sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

Customer Behaviors

View past customer behaviors based on their purchasing history, the more info, the better the results.

Transaction Frequency

Review the amount of orders a consumer or device is attempting to place, even across to other stores.

Previously Blacklisted Users

Eliminate fraudulent users from purchasing from your site by identifying blacklisted accounts across the industries.

Public Database

Identify whether the consumer is legitimate by reverse searching addresses, names and phone numbers from public records and multiple databases.

Proxy Recognition

Mitigate cyber fraud by checking to see if someone is trying to bypass geo-location controls in order to trick merchants.

Easy Transaction Reviews

Receive transaction alerts to risk signals, all while understanding how and when to act.

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