In general, high risk merchant accounts can be a bit of a pain to get a hold of, and with good reason. After all, if there is a high chance of profit loss, no one wants to participate without certain guarantees. The high risk investment we are talking about today, of course, is that of the firearm merchant account. In the United States, the sale of firearms for hunting or home defense are up to an all time high, and with that being the case, it is no surprise that you might want to consider becoming a firearm dealer. Before you can actually open such a gun store there are many hoops to jump through, all of which are in place to help ensure the safety of the public. This of course will involve both federal and state licensing, not to mention overall approval of the community in which you want to establish your gun dealer store. Once all of these hoops are properly traversed, you have to find the guns and ammo merchant services provider, which may not be easy. It really depends upon whether or not you get the right provider the first time. To understand why you might be dealing with so many problems, let’s talk about the potential risks associated with firearm merchandise sales.

Why Firearm Merchant Accounts are consider High-Risk?

Let’s face it, guns are dangerous. There is no way around that, though when they are handled properly, they are certainly less so. That being the case, selling to responsible individuals is key. There are however certain risks that come with selling firearms. For example, the weapon you sell could be possibly used in the commission of a crime, but unless you have foreknowledge of such a thing, you will not be held responsible by the law. What you have to worry about instead, is the possibility of fraud. There is such a demand for firearms in today’s market, and there is a strong chance that when someone purchases a gun from you, they are using a stolen credit card or even a fraudulent check. This of course has repercussions for the individual who made the purchase, but on your end you will face chargeback’s and penalty fees from your firearm merchant account provider or credit card processor. Not only will this hurt your financial standing with these companies, but it also may lead to cancellation of your current firearm payment processing service at all. After all, firearms are not cheap with most handguns costing in excess of $1000 or more, and are highly regulated by federal law. This is investment that the firearm merchant accounts provider makes in you with every transaction in your gun store, it is not as if you are selling hockey sticks. It’s simple, High Risk investments call for better insurance policies and more safeguards, which can cost more money on both ends. That being said, you have quite a bit to work up to, and it can be very difficult to find a firearm payment processor, most merchant account providers will even touch a gun dealer businesses or any type of firearm merchants.

Moving Forward with your Firearm Business

Operating a cash only gun shop is not really an option, especially when you are selling high-end firearms. Though you can accept cash, you will find that more people want to pay using a credit or debit card, which way works better for you because there is much less of a paper trail when you are dealing with electronic forms of payment, not to mention security. Bottom line is your gun shop needs a firearm payment processing service. As stated before it may not be an easy task finding one – but here is where we can help! Best Rate Merchant Services provides credit card processing services for gun dealers, ammo shops and all firearm merchants. We specialize in firearm merchant accounts and other high-risk payment processing services. Call us now at 866-577-1593 and get approved in minutes!

Remember that if you cannot accept credit card payments for your firearms merchandise at your place of business, most of your potential clients (who prefer to use them as their primary form of payment) will simply avoid your gun store and look for a different one. Unless you are the only gun shop in the area, you cannot afford to lose that kind of business! You need firearms merchant account! That being said, you need to not only find a firearm credit card payment processor, but also firearms merchant account provider that will not have the tendency to halt payments or cut you off while you are conducting business. One of the biggest and most annoying incidents we have seen when it comes to payment processors and gun stores, is a halting of processing simply because the payment processor did not know what they were getting into when they accepted the contract. It sounds a bit silly but yet, is possible for the processor to pay that little attention.

As your firearms merchant account provider and payment processor we can promise you that there will be no surprises, and you will be more than ready to accept the payments of your customers. We provide 24/7 customer service and our clients trust our commitment to assisting them day or night. Call us at 866-577-1593 and our professional firearms merchant accounts specialist will answer to any of your questions.

The firearm business can be very lucrative, so let us help you to reap those benefits.