If you live in California and have started an e-cigarette or e-liquid business and you are ready to start selling your merchandise to the public – it’s not going to happen without local California e-cig merchant accounts. There is nobody more experienced with California e-cigarette payment processing rules and regulations than our company. With over 7 years of tractable record of payment processing services dedicated to e-cig merchants we guarantee the lowest rates possible and instant approval for your California e-cig merchant account.
The vaporizer business in California is huge. Actually, any business that promotes a healthy alternative to smoking is going to be huge and it all started with nicotine patches, but California E-Cigarette vendors are really raising in numbers, so is demand for reliable and low rate e-cig merchant accounts in California.

Vaporizers seem to be providing the first truly viable alternative to smoking and people are buying them up faster than they can be manufactured. You’ve obviously decided to get in on the action and there is a strong chance that you are going to make a decent profit from your hard work. That’s great, there’s definitely profit to be made! And, before you know it you could find yourself expanding or perhaps becoming the largest e-cig store in Los Angeles, California or even the country. For all electronic cigarette merchants in Los Angeles – the opportunities to expand are ever present, but you will find that your growth is slower than it should be without e-cig merchant accounts. The problem with selling vaporizers is that they are considered by most merchant service providers to be a high risk business, and while you can open a merchant account, the contract you are forced to sign might be questionable.

Understanding E-cigarette Merchant Accounts

As you look into the different types of e-cig merchant accounts in California, you will notice that some of them have strict terms and conditions. For high risk merchants, the contract requirements can border on feeling like a prison sentence, which is undoubtedly a turn off to say the least. Before we go any further, let’s discuss why you would need vaporizer merchant account and what they can do for your business. First, when you enter a store, how do you pay? Some people still pay with cash, but must have moved on to the ease of credit cards or debit cards. Why? For many consumers it is because they feel safer using a debit card than to carry around a wad of cash. Debit cards are protected by four digit PIN numbers known only to the user and this helps to keep the money secure and all in one place – their bank account. You yourself probably use your debit card regularly to make purchases, and with that being the case, you would expect to use it in your own store. Although logical, it isn’t as easy to get e-cig merchant accounts in California as it should be.

As a dedicated e-cig merchant service provider we are familiar with the Vaporizer and E-liquid merchant industry and know what it takes to maximize the revenue for your business.
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